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In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful May The Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Noble Prophet Muhammad And His Household.

Welcome to Al-hiqma Institute Of Ghana. An educational institute that teaches what is Islam and its relationship with other religious groups. 

We have make sure to prevent any inauthentic information on our website. But as humans, our best may not be enough so we shall not be held responsible for any inaccurate information.We educate both Muslims and non Muslims about Islam and Christianity.

This site is a home of Islamic and scholarly articles, video and audio lectures for contemporary readers and the seekers of truth.Online telecast from Al-hiqma TV and radio shall be ready here at all times.

Our mission is to help those with little or no idea about Islam and other religions like Christianity. And to also serve as a reminder to those who already have much knowledge into religious issues.

Our vision is to make sure that all those interested in reading and  those interested in watching or listening to lectures will have access to what they seek.
Founders: Shaikh Ismail Muhammad popularly known as Shaikh Ismail Pastor and the members of Al-hiqma Institute Of Ghana.

our Instructors

Al-hiqma Institute Of Ghana is desirous of delivering professional training in diverse disciplines, as well as equipping and enriching individual clients within Ghana and beyond . 
with requisite human resource soft skills to enable them manage and sustain their efforts and drive towards business success. we have been providing professional training  to both private and public organizations in Ghana and across Africa
Peligah Yakubu Seidu

Prof. Peligah Yakubu Seidu [ Educationist ]


Shaikh Ismail Muhammad (Pastor)

Shaikh Ismail Muhammad (Pastor) [ Islamic scholar ]


Sheihu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin

Sheihu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin [ Islamic Scholar ]


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