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Hadith are the sayings of the Prophet or the infallible beings. It is a section of the sunnah that only contains versal connotations. Some use Hadith in place of sunnah but Hadith is a subsect of Sunnah.
Knowledge of Hadith teaches the ways to authenticate a prophetic tradition as to whether its authentic (Sohih) or not authentic (doif). In doing this , one needs to learn much about the chain of narrators and their life in Islam and the content of a particular test of tradition.

Islamic History
Islamic history is the study of the of Islam from its beginning till today. In doing this, one need to study the history of various prophets and the last prophet, Muhammad pbuf. Islamic history also include the changes of Islamic leaders and the conflict associated with it after the demise of the prophet till today. Abbasid and Ummayad dynasty plays a role in Islamic history as well as the life of the 12 Imams in the Shi’a school of thought.


Arabic grammar and literature
This is the knowledge governing the reading, writing and speaking of any Arabic text and how to analyse its functions in a sentence. Idioms, proverbs, prose, comprehension, composition, sammary, are all studied under this subject.

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