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Shaikh Ismail Muhammad (Pastor) was born in Asankragua, the Wasa Amenfi West District in the Western Region of Ghana. He had his basic education in Alhaji Toppoh English and Arabic School.
He furthered his education at Asankragua Senior Secondary School (Asanco).
He developed the interest in Islamic studies so he got himself admitted in a seminary school called  Ahlul-Bayt Teacher Training Center and studied there for Four (4) years. He studied Major Islam subjects like, Principles Of Jurisprudence, Islamic Theology, Islamic Philosophy and Logic (mantiq), Qur’anic Exegesis (Tafseer), Arabic Grammar and Literature, Knowledge Of Hadith, and he Specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence.
He continued his studies at Islamic University College Of Ghana to study Bachelor Of Arts in Religion. At the University, He was the General Secretary of the Ahlul-Bayt Students Association and later became their President.
As far as Islamic Propagation is Concern, he has preached on various religious platforms and  radio and TV stations including Velvet Beam FM, Unique FM, Royal FM, Marhaba FM, and ATV. He also organizes yearly Tafseer at Asankragua Central Mosque.
He is an International Islamic Scholar who give lectures on Channel WIN at Mumbai in India.
He’s also a Writer and an author of several Religious Articles including ‘Islam and Diversity, Peace and Tolerance, Islamic Leadership after Prophet Muhammad, Traces Of Prophet Muhammad In The Bible, The Death Of Jesus Christ, etc’. Some of his articles are published in India in He has most of his video lectures on several Topics on YouTube and on Facebook. With the support of several individuals with Pure Heart in Religious affairs, he has been able to bring out Several Developmental Initiatives which include Al-hiqma Institute Of Ghana and  Al-hiqma TV. His knowledge in the Christianity and the Bible has also given him several opportunities to debate with Christian Scholars and to Reply to Several Misconceptions about Islam that are created by some Christian scholars across the globe.



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